About Hagen Finishing

Quality Finishing and Repainting

Our mission is to provide the best finishing job and the most thorough prep work.

James Hagen, Owner/President

James Hagen has over 20 years experience as a painter and owner of his own painting company in the California Bay Area.

Wanting to give his kids a better place to grow up, he moved to Boise, Idaho and brought his painting company with him.

He is now available in Boise and surrounding areas to paint and refinish cabinets, doors, drawers, etc.

Photo: James and his dog on their way to a job.

James’ Story

James worked for over 20 years as a painter and owner of his own painting company. He liked cabinet finishing so much that his focus evolved into his specialty with cabinet finishing and repainting.

James knows the best finishes and stains, as well as the prep and behind the scenes work that it takes to make your cabinet doors and drawers look the best they possibly can. He has the expertise you want.

Finishing Shop Opened in 2012

In-shop finishing of cabinet doors and drawers.

For six years Jay did all painting at his shop, working with homeowners, home builders, contractors and individuals. With the spray paint booth he was able to do an even better finish, in a clean environment and dust free.

  • Specializing in applying color finishes and stains, glazing and clear coats.
  • Color coatings – white and off-white, gray, reds and more.
  • Finishing of new cabinets and refinishing existing doors and drawers.

The shop was equipped with a state-of-the-art spray booth, vacuum sanders, and filtration system. This made our work clean and efficient, giving the best quality finish.

With the business now in Boise, it is Jay’s intention to open a paint shop and booth here as well.

The Hagen Family

History of Painting and Finishing

James grew up in a family of painters, going back four generations. He has been painting since he was a kid. He’d go to the job site with his dad and uncle, helping out any way he could. When he was old enough, he began working with them and learning the trade. And they taught him everything they knew.

After working with his family and other companies for 10+ years, he decided it was time to get out on his own. He started his own company, keeping it small, where he could be on every job, personally. And he’s continued to learn and to stay abreast of the latest technologies in the painting and finishing industry. He wasn’t satisfied until he tried various brands of paints and finishes and found the best, and that’s the brand he recommends on all his jobs now.

James takes pride in what he does, and it shows. His friendly and relaxed personality bring a tone to the job that’s pleasant to be around. When you meet him, you’ll see for yourself, he’s not only an expert finisher, but someone you like working with, as well.



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